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Oral Hygiene Foundations

Gum disease is currently the most common health condition in America with millions of Americans currently suffering from gum disease and related conditions. A high number of adult Americans also suffer from missing teeth, both of these conditions being avoidable with strong oral health . Our team at the office of Dr. Jason Dopp understands how crucial strong oral hygiene is to overall oral health, which is why we provide patients with thorough teeth cleanings as well as education regarding brushing technique, flossing technique, and why oral hygiene is so vital to overall health and health as a whole. 


Brushing is the cornerstone of a strong oral health regimen, and patients should always brush twice a day to remove plaque from the teeth to avoid tooth infections and decay. Patients should use a soft toothbrush and angle their brush at fourty-five degrees to best clean the tooth surface, and move the brush in circular motions. Brush both rows of teeth fully, both the front and back surfaces, as well as your tongue and the roof of your mouth to maintain fresh breath. 


Flossing helps patients cover the thirty percent of the tooth surface that brushing alone misses – flossing helps to remove stubborn food particles and bacteria that can lead to tooth decay and oral infections. Proper flossing technique involves using a foot-long piece of dental floss or longer, and wrapping the ends of the floss around your finger tips. Then, move the floss between the teeth and gently push the floss up against the sides of the teeth. This helps to remove food particles and bacteria. 

After doing this, rinse your mouth out with water, and the flossing process is complete. Remember to floss every day, and don’t be alarmed if your gums lightly bleed when first flossing for the first time or the first time in awhile – this is normal as the gums aren’t used to having dental floss pass through them! This bleeding subsides as you floss more often. 

Finding The Right Hygiene Products

With countless at-home oral hygiene products on the market today available to patients, how should you go about deciding which are best for you? Our team at the office of Dr. Jason Dopp takes the time to guide patients through the landscape of today’s at-home oral hygiene products that best suite your own oral health needs as well as how to best use those products to achieve the healthiest possible smile.

Interdental brushes are small brushed with a soft bristled head that is capable of cleaning in between teeth to get a complete clean in the gumline and to best remove food. These can easily be purchased at most convenient stores as well as most supermarkets and grocery stores. When it comes to choosing a toothpaste, simply choose a toothpaste that contains flouride and is anti-cavity and tartar-controlling. You can also choose a whitening toothpaste to use less frequently in addition to your main toothpaste. 

Electric toothbrushes and waterpiks are also great products that can further help you remove plaque and food particles to maintain the healthiest and cleanest smile possible. Electric toothbrushes have been shown to be more effective in plaque removal than traditional toothbrushes, and can also be safer on the gums. 

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Dr. Jason Dopp is able to provide patients with routine exams and hygiene appointments to best protect the oral health of our patients and community. Schedule your next cleaning with our team or speak to us about oral hygiene and where to get further educational materials today. 

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